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Michael Gunderud, Owner

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As the Owner of Cremation Services By The Sea and Precious Memorial Urns, it is my honor and duty to oversee the day to day operations of these caring businesses. With over 18 years of experience within the "Funeral Service Profession", it has been a long term goal to change the way that families envision cremation services.

For years, funeral homes nationwide have resisted the ever increasing rates of cremation. For others, like myself, fresh ideas and new concepts quickly became a focus for forging a viable business design and then offering it directly to the public. This vision has been an adaptive driving force for creating modern business models, based on a 100% cremation provider concept. These two businesses shall shift and grow with the current and future demands for our immediate community and neighboring families, just like yours.  

Since basic cremation arrangements come with lower expenses to families and generally lower profits to funeral homes, many funeral service providers will sometimes use sales tactics or commissioned based salaries to drive up prices. Our combined businesses are exposing these firms. For instance, we own our very own online cremation urn business. This may not mean much at first, but lets take a look at the facts. Our cremation urns cost 65% less than those offered at a traditional funeral home, with no difference in make or quality. Combine that with simplified services, a no pressure arrangement and a final contract that is three times less expensive than a traditional funeral homes and families will begin to understand our genuine approach in guiding them through difficult times. Our hands are extended to help, they are not in your wallet. 

 Currently, many funeral homes are continuing to reporting dramatic losses in revenue as families overwhelmingly select direct cremation services, like those offered through Cremation Services By The Sea. While traditional funeral homes still continue to deny the facts of rising cremation rates, progressive funeral directors are harnessing the adaptive solutions that basic cremation arrangements offer. The idea behind Cremation Services By The Sea, was to give each family honest choices with a cost effective approach. According the the National Funeral Director's Association, over the last decade, 2137 funeral homes have gone out of business. 

Today, close to 70% of individuals in South Florida are choosing cremation as their final wishes. The answer to this dramatic increase in cremation rates is simple. First and foremost, the national average for a traditional funeral is about $7,000. On the other hand, the national average for direct cremation (with no formal viewing or services) is estimated at $1,500. At Cremation Services By The Sea, our promise of professionalism and care is not about averages, its about giving choices back to families and doing so with dignified options. One of our strongest beliefs is that there is no dignity in over paying for services during a loss. Entrust a proven leader and choose one that understands how to help you when it counts the most.


Michael Gunderud, Owner